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Tutoring Math

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Equation balance showing addition, subtraction, negation by Maschen

Equation balance showing addition, subtraction, negation by Maschen




Welcome to Tutoring Math

We have created this site to support students and teachers in learning elementary school mathematics.

It is a free and open online companion wiki for the course Tutoring in Schools (Education 497I) taught by Robert W. Maloy and Sharon A. Edwards in the College of Education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

This site features problem solving strategies, links to resources, and other online materials designed to be used in math learning in grades 3 to 6.


It also supports our free and open online math tutor, Usable Math.

We welcome your feedback. Please contact Robert W. Maloy at rwm@educ.umass.edu




Ambigram by Basilemorin


Ambigram by Basilemorin


Links to Topics










Bar and Line Graphs 


Place Value 




Patterns, Relations, Algebra

Combinations and Combinatorics

Tally Marks, Pictographs, Infographics


Rounding and Estimation



Links to Resources


History of Zero, Hindu-Arabic Numbers, and Mayan Math


Functions of Money


Math Comics and Math Stories





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